Solutions to “Shedding” in Wool Carpet

Causes of shedding:  Wool carpet is made of yarns which are spun from natural wool fibers in various fabric lengths, and it can be seen that there are short fibrous hairs of wool on it’s finished yarn surface.

In a finished carpet, piles are woven in U” shape like below:



On the bottom part (Green color in above picture), piles are fixed by latex. But it can not be applied too much latex in coating process, otherwise, carpet will become too hard and it loses softness and foot comfort. While on the upper part, no latex could be applied, so these loose piles are tangled to each other only by twisting and force of friction of the yarns. After carpet is installed, these loose piles will be treaded resulting in shedding of short hairy fibers.    


Solutions to shedding: Vacuum cleaning is the basic maintenance method. Carpet needs to be vacuumed every day to take away those loose hairy fibers before they are fully falling away from the carpet.

Each part of carpet needs to be vacuumed twice, first against the pile directions and then along the pile directions. The purpose of vacuuming against piles direction is to fully take away all the loose fibers, and the purpose of vacuuming along the piles direction is to make all piles back to the original status to avoid any color changes. No matter how many times it is vacuumed, the last work needs to be making the piles back to the original piles direction as it is out of production.

The sucking head of vacuum cleaner is about 20-30cm to cover all parts of carpet. Please donot just clean wherever there is shedding, carpet needs to be comprehensively cleaned no matter it has shedding problem or not. The power rate of the vacuum cleaner is better to be above 3.5 kw.

Post time: Jul-17-2023

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